Ways to spruce up or stage your home. Decorating for Spring

Ways to spruce up or stage your home. Decorating for Spring


D.S. Blog 2-18-Sheila Finkbinder

Ways to spruce up or stage your home. Decorating for Spring


Spring is just around the corner! This time of year often brings excitement for new things. One of those new fun things to think about is updating your décor or changing it completely. With the internet and stores in the vicinity, there are some amazing stores that can help with lighting, doors, décor, appliances, and re-using previous items.


When it comes to any of these items, it help to take a picture of the outside of your house and the room you’re planning to put your new items. That way, when you go to a store or ask for online help with an item, the person is better able to see your vision and help you determine the best décor or accessories.


When it comes to lighting, you’ll want to take into account whether the lighting is adequate. Is it too bright? Too dim? Do you want to have the option of bright or dim in your room? Does the style match the style of your home? Some great places to consider:

Peak Lighting. 4315 Sinton Rd, C/S

Home Lighting. 319 N. Tejon, C/S




Lampsusa.com (one-of-a-kind lamps)

Lightinthebox.com (this one has character lighting-such as Star Wars)


The front door is often your home’s first impression to guests! If the inside of your home has a “Wow!” factor, but the door is beat up it might be time to change it. Some wonderful places to check out:

Lowe’s (it’s the local place to go)

Sunmountaindoor.com (they do custom doors)

Mydoorcompany.com (based out of Denver, and hand carve doors)


Décor is one of those things that make a house a home and provide your home with a bit of personality. Some brilliant stores for all things décor:

At Home. S. Academy and Platte in the old Target building-just be aware they have a certain amount of days for exchanges.

American Furniture Warehouse and americanfurniturewarehouse.com





Appliances are one of those necessities in life that have to be changed out once-in-awhile. Some helpful places to find new appliances:


JC Penney’s


Goedekers.com (fantastic buys, free shipping, and 0 sales tax!)


Last, but not least, are the shops where you can find some previously loved items that would look great with a new coat of paint or can be repurposed for some amazing décor ideas you might have found on Pinterest. The best places to find these treasures in the rough are:

Restore. 411 S. Wahsatch, C/S. (This is the store for Habitat for Humanity. It’s a great place to find lighting, sinks, and old windows.)


Salvation Army

Antique Stores


No matter you décor needs, there are many amazing places to find pieces to give your home that special “Wow!” factor.